End screen time battles.
Start better habits.

End screen time battles. Start better habits.

Too much screen time. It’s a problem all parents face. Now there’s a solution that gives kids the power to learn healthier habits — within your boundaries. It’s not about parental control. It’s about teaching them to manage their own time.

Everything you need to teach your kids how to balance their online time:

Entertainment Limits


Self-Managed Time

Works Everywhere

Entertainment Limits

Manage your family, not the web

Facebook®. Instagram®. Snapchat®. YouTube®. Minecraft®. There are endless distractions online. That’s why we put popular entertainment content — videos, games & social media — into one simple setting. You decide what limits to set for each child. Easy peasy.

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Internet Scheduler

Set boundaries, not rules

Your kids have grown up with the internet. And it’s not going anywhere. Even so, you don’t want it to rule your family. Easily set ON and OFF schedules for your children based on their individual needs. Your limits, their choices.

Self-Managed Time

Give them all the control they want. Almost.

Kids love having the freedom to make choices. unGlue lets them track their own screen time, check their schedules, earn more time by doing chores, and even roll over unused minutes for another day. You set the limits on content and time. Everyone wins.

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Works Everywhere

Any device, anywhere your kids go

Go ahead, let‘em loose. unGlue works across desktops, laptops, smartphones, gaming consoles and any other device you have at home — or even when your kids are in the car or at their friend’s house. It also discovers new devices as friends and guests join your home network, automagically. Call it free range parenting.

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Get Some Free Time

Parenting is hard enough. That’s why unGlue is easy to use.

We get it. You’re busy. You don’t have time for complicated technology. Setting up unGlue takes only minutes. It’s so simple you won’t even have to ask your kids for help... Promise.

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Give your family the balance it needs in a modern world