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unGlue exists to partner with parents to make life easier. Have comments or questions, let us know and we will be glad to connect.


unGlue is a simple solution for parents to manage the content and time spent online by their children. unGlue works across all devices, including smartphones, tablets and computers without the need to install anything on any device. Parents create internet schedules for each child (basically when their Internet access will start and when it will end), and within those schedules they can limit the video, social media, and games time consumed by children each day. We call it Entertainment Time
Simply download the unGlue app and follow the instructions on your screen. Once you download the app, you will set limits for each child and connect their mobile devices to unGlue, basically ungluing their mobile devices. To control all your home devices such as computers, game consoles, and others you will need to download a free version of unGlue on a connected home computer—this acts as your “hub.” Then you’re ready to go!
For mobile devices you do not need anything but your mobile App. For any WiFi enabled device at home you need a single desktop computer with a wired internet connection (not WiFi) to run our unGlue Home Monitor. You can download the unGlue Home Monitor here. If you do not have such a computer, you can buy our unGlue Puck device directly from the app for $30
unGlue is absolutely FREE. For now.
unGlue is available for iOS devices in the App Store here & available for android on the play store here.


unGlue works with any devices that are connected to the internet, including smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops and Smart TVs. unGlue cannot control devices that are not connected to the internet, such as standard cable television sets, or apps and games that can operate independently offline.
unGlue works on ANY cellular network as well as WiFi, meaning it works wherever your kids go.
No, once it’s set up unGlue does not affect the speed of your internet.

For iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPods, you do not need to install anything. We will text the device a link that will guide you in the process of ungluing itself. Note that you will need to install the unGlue Kids App on at least one device per child.

For Android phones and tablets, you need to download the unGlue Kids App for android.

For home devices connected to WiFi, you only need to install the unGlue Home Monitor software (free) on a single, internet wired, desktop. Once downloaded, it will automatically detect nearby devices, such as computers, laptops, game consoles, readers, etc. that you would like to set limits for. You do NOT need to download the unGlue Home Monitor on every single device you would like it to control.

unGlue works for most Smart TVs which are connected to the internet but not standard cable television sets which are not connected to the internet.

unGlue allows you to add “guest” devices for your children’s friends, which are detected as soon as they join you WiFi network. You can set limits on these devices as well.

Content & Limits

Once you download the app, you are guided at creating a profile for each of your children. Then you can easily set up custom schedules and Entertainment Time limits for each of you children.

Entertainment Time is a feature that bundles social media, games, videos and messaging apps into a single setting, so parents can limit the amount of addictive content their kids consume each day. Kids are notified when they are running out of Entertainment Time, so parents don’t need to act as the enforcer, or take their device away. Entertainment Time seamlessly tracks time spent across all devices and networks.

The Entertainment Time setting bundles any apps and websites that kids use to consume entertaining content, connect with friends and play games. It includes social media (Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), games (Minecraft, Pokemon Go, Overwatch, etc.), videos and streaming sites (YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Videos, etc.) and more.

The Kid’s App is how your children use unGlue. It allows them to track the time they’ve spent online, access their schedules and provides helpful reminders when they are running out of time. Best part is that your kids can use the app to request more time by completing chores and manage their Time Bank just like they manage money.

Your kids can see their internet schedules, a countdown of how much Entertainment Time they have left and what sites they visited (and for how long).

Yes, there is a switch in each kid’s profile that allows you to restrict adult content.

Security & Data

Privacy is very important to us at unGlue, and we take it very seriously. unGlue only monitors devices that are assigned to a profile (in other words, children’s devices). For those devices, we only collect the general domains visited (for example www.amazon.com, not the specific URL of any subdomains) and the time each domain was accessed. We do not track or store any information on specific subdomains visited (for example www.amazon.com/camera), or any information provided to or through the website. For specific information about data and privacy, check our Privacy Policy.

unGlue only monitors devices that are assigned to a profile (which are set up for the children’s devices). We DO not monitor any other devices by default. So unless parents set limits for themselves, their devices will not be monitored.

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