For Kids

Let Them Manage Their Own Time

Put the Solution in Their Hands

The Kid’s App was designed with the idea that parents and children should agree on the right amount of screen time. Then kids decide how they want to spend those precious minutes. The Kid’s App sets a simple schedule, and lets kids know exactly how much Entertainment Time they have left on the clock. The result? Zero surprises, better time management skills.

Time Bank

Time: Earn it. Spend it. Save it.

Screen time may be the most precious commodity in your home. unGlue lets your kids treat it like cash — a minute saved is a minute earned. Teach them to spend it wisely.

Rollover Minutes

Save Time for Another Day

Encourage better habits by allowing your kids to save unused screen time for later — up to your maximum limit. Suddenly, watching one more YouTube video just doesn’t seem worth it.

Chores & Rewards

Do Chores, Earn Screen Time

Kids can earn more time by doing tasks you’ve requested. Next time they plea for “just 10 more minutes” of Netflix®, respond with a chore that needs doing. Everyone wins.

Time Management

Encourage Time Management

By tracking their own screen time, kids learn to be more mindful about how they spend their time online. And parents don’t need to constantly check the clock.

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Schedules & Reminders

Easy Reminders. Zero Surprises.

With simple schedules, countdowns and notifications when Entertainment Time is running out, kids take control of how they spend their precious screen time.

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