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Internet Scheduling

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Entertainment Time

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Chores For Time

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Internet Scheduling

Set Custom Internet Schedules

Give each child a personalized Internet schedule. Set limits for school days, holidays, or even “let’s get off the couch and go for a hike” days.

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Pause the Internet

Pause the Internet at Any Time

Big family dinner? Important science project due? Sometimes kids just need to unglue. Pause the internet for one or all of your children, with one click.

Entertainment Time

Limit Entertainment Time

Set the "Entertainment Time" limit for each kid. When time's up, they can still access the web — just no cat videos.

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Self-Managed Time

Let Them Manage Their Own Time

Give your kids the flexibility to use their allotted screen time as they choose. They’re free to watch whenever their schedule allows and track their own usage. Because the best habits are taught, not forced.

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Chores for Time

Swap Screen Time With Chores

List the chores that you want to get done, and kids earn more time by completing them. They can manage this and more in their own app

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Activity Report

See What’s Taking Up Their Time

Keep an eye on the sites and apps your kids are visiting, and watch where they spend most of their time. What’s really consuming your kids?

Internet Safety

Block Adult Content

Make the Internet age-appropriate and safe for your kids with a single click. Easily block adult content and other red-flag sites.

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