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It might seem like magic, but unGlue’s technology is straightforward — and hassle-free. It won’t slow down your Internet connection. It won’t compromise your network security. And you’ll never worry about your family’s privacy. Scout’s honor.

Parent Control Center

At Home

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Security Is Key

Parent Control Center

Start with Mobile and Grow as You Need

To start using unGlue, simply download the unGlue app to your smartphone. The app will guide you in setting up your kids’ mobile devices. If you want to connect other home devices, the app will guide you through installing the unGlue Home Monitor onto a single desktop computer in your home. As long as it stays on, you can monitor your kids’ online activity 24/7. If you don't have a desktop computer, we have a solution for you as well.

At Home

unGlue Home Monitor

The router in your home acts as the gateway to the Internet for all of your connected devices. The unGlue Home Monitor essentially mirrors your router so it can see and filter the web traffic coming into your network. Keep it running so your kids won’t be free to roam the Internet unmonitored.

unGlue keeps track of time spent on all sites and apps, and knows when your kid’s Entertainment Time is up. It also blocks access to adult content and other undesirable content. We regularly update our database of red-flag sites.

Out & About

Away From Home

Even when your kids are out of the house on cellular or guest Wi-Fi networks, unGlue will still monitor and control their devices by using technology called a VPN, or Virtual Private Network. VPNs allow users to securely send and receive data anywhere as if they’re on their home networks. With its VPN, unGlue maintains the same tracking and blocking capabilities as it does in your home, whether your kids are at school, in the car, or at a friend’s house.

Security is Key

Your Family, Your Data

Safeguarding your family’s data and privacy are top priorities for us. Data received and sent via unGlue is always encrypted and secured in the same way that your online bank keeps your financial records safe. We only monitor devices you allow us to add, and no one will ever see the specific content your family is watching. unGlue only makes the names of websites and apps visible to you. And we’ll never sell or share their activity data with anyone, for any reason. Guaranteed.

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