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Our Story

unGlue was founded in 2014 by Alon Shwartz and Alex Zherdev, two fathers who were tired of feeling helpless about what and how much content their kids consume online.

Not only did they worry about their kids’ cognitive development and Internet safety, they were tired of the turmoil sparked by confiscating their children’s devices.

The fact was, their kids couldn’t help themselves. Videos, games, and social media are designed to be addictive.

They didn’t just want to control their kids’ online behavior, they wanted to transform it.

So these two dads set out on a mission to enable parents to…

  • Allow “fun” Internet time, but in moderation
  • Make kids more aware of what—and how much—content they consumed online
  • Ensure their kids were safe online
  • Make sure kids could use the internet to learn and grow
  • Set limits while empowering kids, not punishing them

Parents needed more than just online content blockers. They needed to feel confident their kids were prepared to handle a future with more technology, media and screens.

Most important, the solution had to be EASY.

unGlue was born.

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